Evaluation and Impact Assessment

Snow-Camp are committed to being able to effectively demonstrate the positive impact of our programmes on the young people we support. It’s been a real learning curve for us to capture the impact of our programmes in a cost-effective and manageable way, however with the help of The Samworth Foundation we have recently implemented a new evaluation framework to better capture the impact of Snow-Camp’s activities over the 2011/12 programme cycle.

To start this process off, we wanted to learn from the past. We interviewed some experienced youth workers who had brought young people on Snow-Camp activities over recent years, and asked them about the benefits they saw for their young people. Read the results here!

We then undertook workshops within Snow-Camp to fully understand the key mission and objectives of the organisation, since if we could fully understand what we were aiming to achieve, we could then design an evaluation framework to capture our impact towards these outcomes.  These workshops were consolidated in the following table:

The following year saw much work being undertaken to design and implement an evaluation framework which utlised questionnaires, on line surveys and other feedback as young people progressed from one Snow-Camp course to the next and finally to becoming an instructor. If you want to read the full report of the 1st years results, please click here!

The data is positive about Snow-Camp’s impact and we are very pleased to see these results. We have also learnt a great deal from going through all the workshops, and through the planning and design and implementation of questionnaires – as well as the nature of collecting data for analysis and evaluation frameworks. It has been a very positive journey, which we believe means we are in a far better place now in terms of understanding these processes and also the impact Snow-Camp has. But we are by no means there! There have been some challenges along the way, and these have been taken into account in the reports submitted, and have influenced the redesign of the framework for future programmes.

Read more about the implementation framework and challenges here.

Case studies are also important to the success of our monitoring and impact assessments. Read the case study of Ava; a former Snow-Camp young person who qualified as a snowboard instructor and returned this year volunteer with the next round of young people beginning their Snow-Camp journey . Read her case study here.

Also read the case studies of Kirbie and Aaron, two young people from south London who recently qualified as ski instructors through Snow-Camp. Click here for their stories.