Feedback about our work

We started Snow-Camp in 2003 for inner-city young people in London, recognising that they had very low aspirations around education or employment, had a lack of quality outdoor space to participate in any sport or leisure activity and were increasingly faced with crime and gang related violence.

Through our work we see that bringing young people together from different boroughs and challenging their attitudes about themselves and others through snowsports clearly increases confidence, motivation and aspiration and breaks down the geographical barriers to friendship. Youth Services and local youth and community groups confirm our experience of the disadvantages young people face and also the continuing need for our work. Furthermore, the Police in our target boroughs have confirmed to us that our activity is having a positive impact upon young people.

You can see the impact of our work by watching the Snow-Camp movies. Click here to go to our movie section.

We also interviewed some experienced youth workers who had brought young people on Snow-Camp activities over recent years, and asked them about the benefits they saw for their young people. Read the results here!

Read the case studies of Kirbie and Aaron, two young people from south London who recently qualified as ski instructors through Snow-Camp. Click here for their stories.

You can also download testimonials from youth workers and young people from our Snow-Camp London and Snow-Camp Graduate programmes.

Click here to download the Snow-Camp Graduate testimonials

We would be delighted to hear from you if you have any comments, suggestions or feedback relating to any aspect of our work. Please email with any comments or general enquiries – thank you.

Life-skills had a very positive impact on the young people, because it gave the space to reflect on the things which they had learnt and the space to look at how those skills could be transferred into their everyday lives

Joanne Peik-Azadi, Senior Youth Worker, Avenues Youth Group, Westminster