Hamza joined the Snow-Camp journey in 2013, aged 13. His youth project, St Andrew’s Club, felt that Hamza needed motivating: he was often getting into trouble at school and he had no aspirations for his future. But that all changed once Hamza joined the Snow-Camp Journey of Programmes.

Hamza connected to snowsports right from the get go: it was new and exciting. He was willing to work hard in Snow-Camp’s classroom activities just to be able to strap on a snowboard. However, at the age of 13, Hamza could only progress as far as our Graduate Programme (our Journey of Programmes are: First Tracks, Graduate and Excel), as the young people have to be 16 in order to participate on our snowsports instructor programme, Excel. But that didn’t stop Hamza, he continued to be involved with Snow-Camp for another 2 years until he was old enough to join our Excel Programme, which he did in 2016.

The Excel Programme was transformational for Hamza, here he trained to become a Level 1 Snowsport England Snowboard Instructor. The programme also provided him with the opportunity to experience the Italian Alps for the first time on the annual week-long residential trip that our young people attend as part of their instructor training. This was Hamza’s first experience of the mountains, which broadened his horizons and personal development. Upon returning to the UK to complete the Excel Programme, Hamza was determined to apply for the Snow-Camp Apprenticeship Programme.

Throughout his time with Snow-Camp Hamza had shown passion, determination, improved confidence and motivation. On our programmes he gained a Snowsport England Snowlife Award, ASDAN Youth’s qualification and a Snowsport England Level 1 Snowboard Instructor qualification. As a result of his personal an academic -achievements he was accepted on to our award winning Apprenticeship programme in the summer of 2016.

Hamza and the SkiClub

Each year Snow-Camp provide 5 young people, who have completed our Journey of Programmes (First Tracks, Graduate and Excel), with a paid apprenticeship for 1 year at Snow-Camp. Since joining our Apprenticeship Programme Hamza has been working towards his BASI Level 1 Instructor qualification and Level 2 NVQ in Activity Leadership. Using his newly gained Snowsport England Instructor qualification he teaches the next cohort of young people entering the Snow-Camp programmes and he is also provided with work placements across the snowsports industry. His first work placement was at the Ski Club of Great Britain where he gained valuable work experience across all their busy office departments. Read Hamza’s Ski Club of Great Britain blogs here and here. Hamza is currently on his second work placement at Chel-Ski, an exciting new Ski Centre off the Kings Road in the heart of London. Here Hamza is being supported to become qualified as a Ski Instructor, as he has ambitions to become duel certified – which will make him even more employable in the future.

When Hamza finishes his apprenticeship in June 2017, his future is looking bright. At the end of our 2015 programme year, 85% of young people, who completed our Journey of Programmes went on to either employment, training, further education or other positive destinations. To date, 90% of Snow-Camp Apprentices gain a full time job in the snowsports industry at the end of their Apprenticeship.

The impact Snow-Camp has had on Hamza:

“Through Snow-Camp I have gained so many skills, work skills and life skills. I now know that I have a positive future in front me and I am able to teach the new young people starting the Snow-Camp programmes what I have learnt and experienced.

Before Snow-Camp I didn’t enjoy school but I’ve learnt over the last year that I can work on my own and with a group. Now I don’t avoid my responsibilities and tutoring the new young people at Snow-Camp really helped with that and gave me confidence, I feel like I can take on any task in the future.

Through Snow-Camp I’ve developed a huge passion for snowboarding, something which was never available to me in the past. I’m inspired to become a full time snowboard and ski instructor, showing others the skills that can be learnt through these amazing sports. I want to show young people from estates like mine that they too can become snowboard and ski instructors.

Snow-Camp has helped me to make new friends from different boroughs, people I would never normally talk to and we bond over snowsports. Snow-Camp is brilliant for young people like me, I did not think that I would enjoy snowsports or want work hard in a classroom, but with Snow-Camp I do both these things and will continue to do so in my future.”

“Gavin [Snow-Camp London Programme Manager] and Lara [Operations Director] have been amazing during my time at Snow-Camp. Honestly, they are kind and caring. They have made my time at Snow-Camp a wonderful experience. Gavin has helped me improve my confidence and at the same time has helped me become more mature. Gavin is always giving advice and he is always there when I need help or assistance.”

Saint Andrew’s Club said:

“We are all very proud of club member of the year 2016 – Hamza Alkebida. He is showing just where dedication and hard work can take you! Well done Hamza!!”

Lara Kinnear, Snow-Camp Operations Director, said:

“It has been a pleasure to support Hamza’s growth and development since he joined Snow-Camp in 2013, and to witness first-hand the power of snowsports in making a positive change in his life. Hamza’s attitude and enthusiasm for snowboarding if infectious amongst his peers and he is someone who is always willing to help out any way he can.

Hamza is passionate about being involved with Snow-Camp and finding a career in the snowsports industry and this positive focus will help him reach his goals once he completes the Apprenticeship in July 2017. Hamza is such a great role model to show to young people starting out on Snow-Camp programmes, what can be achieved with hard work and dedication!”