In 2015, when we first met Laquan he lacked direction and motivation. He wasn’t in education or training but was trying to support himself by taking on various part-time jobs that he didn’t enjoy. It got to the point where he would rather spend time hanging out on his estate with the wrong crowd instead of going to work. This wasn’t the path that Laquan wanted to be on.

Laquan’s local youth project felt that Snow-Camp could really help Laquan by providing him the necessary skills and qualifications needed to improve his C.V. Laquan connected to snowsports right from the get go and hasn’t looked back; now a year and a half on he’s participating on the Snow-Camp Apprenticeship Programme where he’s completing a work placement at Chel-Ski and working towards become a dual certified instructor in skiing and snowboarding.

Laquan said:

“My Snow-Camp story started just over a year ago when I applied to the First Tracks Programme. Since the Snow-Camp Graduate and Excel Programmes I can already see changes on how Snow-Camp is improving my everyday life as it has allowed me to come out of my shell a little bit. It has increased my skills on the slopes and my skills off the slopes. My journey so far has made me more confident in myself allowing me to speak and interact more with other people. 

On the Excel Programme I can honestly say I had one of the most exciting and exhilarating experiences. There’s not much I have done that can compare. My riding technique improved immensely allowing me to receive the snowboarder of the week award, which I am very proud of. The live teaching assessments also was a very good experience as I enjoyed the feeling of teaching somebody completely new to the activity and watching them progress and increase their knowledge and boarding ability.

There is a great passion for snowboarding inside of me seeing as it has only had positive impact on my life I would like to be able to put my skills to use and help others as I was helped. Since the first time I rode at Hemel Snow Centre I knew that it was something I wanted to pursue to the fullest as I feel it is something that suits me and I enjoy.

I hope to gain a future in the snowsports industry and taking my ability to its max potential. To increase and gain skills to better me as a person whilst at work and in my free time. Snow-Camp have given me guidance and now I want to prove myself and be the best I can be.”