Snow-Camp Graduate

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Overview of the Course

The Graduate Programme offers young people who have completed a Snow-Camp First Tracks course the opportunity to further develop their skiing and snowboarding, through a structured 6 day programme at the Hemel Snowcentre.

6 Days of Instruction and Development in Skiing and Snowboarding

Having experienced the thrill of snowsports for the first time on a Snow-Camp First Tracks programme, moving onto the Graduate Programme is the obvious next step for young people who are keen to continue with skiing or snowboarding. With 6 days on the snow, spread over a two month period, the Graduate Programme gives young people the opportunity to take their skiing and snowboarding to the next level. With a longer period of time on the slope, qualified instructors help young people progress week by week from basic balance and stopping through to improved technique and ability and growing confidence and speed control.

Life-skills and Ski Industry Sessions

Group sessions held after each slope lesson expose young people to the wider world of skiing and snowboarding, with talks from those involved across the ski industry. Practical sessions on ski and snowboard maintenance together with sessions on mountain safety, becoming an instructor or working in ski resorts all form key parts of the course. Life-skills remain a significant part of the programme, as to complete the course will require commitment, dedication and focus – this is all positively discussed during the sessions, whilst the progress being made on the slopes allows staff to highlight the huge potential the young people are showing.

Graduation Cermony

On the last day a graduation ceremony closes the programme, and young people receive their accredited award for the programme and a trophy and certificate to mark their achievement. After 6 days on the slope, the young people will have progressed significantly towards becoming more able and aware skiers and snowboarders. Snowsports will have become something they identify with and enjoy, and in many cases wish to pursue. They will have learnt about the wider snowsports industry and will have learnt skills which can enable them to achieve their goals.

At this point young people have two options for continuing thier Snow-Camp journey. They can progress onto the Snow-Camp Italy residential week in April, and ski and snowboard on real mountains for the first time . Or there is also the opportunity to begin the Excel programme, training the young people to achive the Level 1 Snowsport England Instructor qualification. Sessions for this programme begin in February  – please see Excel programme page for more details.

Accreditation: ASDAN Sports and Fitness Award 1

For more information contact or To see our course overview for 2016/17, click here.