Snow-Camp Italy

Overview of the Programme

Having completed the First Tracks and Graduate Programmes the young people are ready for the mountains. The Snow-Camp Italy programme, run in partnership with Interski,  enables young people to experience the thrill of skiing and snowboarding in the Italian Alps during a life changing residential week away.

Held in April Easter holidays, Snow-Camp Italy is a fantastic learning experience for young people  – taking them from the urban environment to the beauty of the mountains and enabling them to have a horizon widening week away from all the pressures of home.

A Life Changing Week in the Mountains

Staying in hotel accommodation in Aosta, the week focuses around morning and afternoon lessons during which instructors develop the young people’s skiing and snowboarding skills using the variety of fantastic terrain and pistes Italy has to offer. It is a challenging week for all the young people, and as always, Life-skills session held every day are essential to enable them to reflect on all they are experiencing and learning. Working and living together with young people from different parts of London also challenges the territorial nature of many young people, and barriers are broken down over the week and friendships formed.

Fantastic Skiing and Snowboarding Improvements

The level of skiing and snowboarding ability improves dramatically during the week, with the focused nature of the daily lessons enabling young people to progress rapidly.  By the close of the week, each of the young people should be at a level where red runs can be ridden confidently, technique has improved significantly and controlled riding in all conditions should be evident across the group. Young people will look and feel like skiers and snowboarders, and having ridden in the mountains, will have also seen the level they could reach by witnessing experienced riders around them on the piste. This motivates the young people to carry on and reach new heights of snowsports.

Awards Ceremony

Snow-Camp Italy ends with an awards ceremony and reflection on all the achievements of the week. The journey the young people have come on from Snow-Camp First Tracks, through the Snow-Camp Graduate programme to the end of Snow-Camp Italy is also reflected on and the amazing progress made rewarded with ASDAN accredited awards, certificates and trophies.

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