Snow-Camp First Tracks

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Overview of the First Tracks Programme 

For a young person, the Snow-Camp journey starts on one of our 2 day Snow-Camp First Tracks courses, run over July and August every year. This programme provides young people with their first experience of snowsports, using Hemel Snow Centre as a base. This huge indoor snow slope is a fantastic place to get feel of what skiing and snowboarding is all about, and on arrival everyone is keen to get out onto the snow!

Day 1

Day 1  Fully qualified instructors begin by introducing the young people to the ski or snowboard equipment before heading straight to the slope for the first lesson. Whether skiing or snowboarding, the focus for the young people over the first day will be balance, controlling speed and understanding the basics of their new sport.  Two separate lessons held either side of lunch enable the young people to progress and grow in confidence, all in a safe and positive environment.  After the lessons, informal life-skills sessions look at the challenges faced by the young people and how skills being developed on the slope are useful in their everyday lives.

Day 2

Day 2 gives the young people to chance to further develop their new snowsports skills, again with qualified instructors leading the lessons, which begin with a review of the skills learnt on Day 1.  Young people progress with their turning, stopping, balance and speed control and by the end of the slope session on Day 2 the young people will have made significant progress and will all have experienced for the first time the feeling of gliding down a ski slope, usually with their hands in the air and much whooping!

It is always rewarding to see the impact of the Snow-Camp First Tracks course on confidence and self esteem, as the young people tend to achieve far more than they imagined they could over just two days.


Life-skills sessions run throughout the course also enable the young people to reflect on the skills they are using and developing in order to progress with snowsports – perseverance, commitment, listening, teamwork, patience, overcoming fear etc. The Life-skills sessions show young people how these skills are useful back in their day to day lives, and form an essential part of all Snow-Camp programmes.

Awards and Accreditation

Finally an awards ceremony closes the course, with the young people receiving their accredited Snowlife award for basic skiing and snowboarding as well as certificates and medals. This ceremony provides a positive end to the course, with young people again being commended on their efforts and achievements over the 2 days.  Having had their first taste of snowsports, many young people wish to take their skills to the next level, and sign up for a Snow-Camp Graduate Programme, which run throughout Autumn.

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