Gift Aid

By choosing to Gift Aid your donation, Her Majesty’s Inland Revenue & Customs (HMRC) will add an extra 25p to every £1 you donate to Snow-Camp. You just need to give us your permission to claim the Gift Aid on your donation by completing a Gift Aid declaration form and returning it to us. HMRC will also be operating transitional provisions for Gift Aid donations made from 6 April 2008 until 5 April 2011, paying a Government supplement of 3p on £1 you give.

Whether you make a one off donation or give regularly, a single Gift Aid declaration will cover all future donations that you make to Snow-Camp. You can make your donation Gift Aided if you are a UK tax payer. Even if you are not employed, you are still eligible for Gift Aid if you are paying tax on any of the following:

  • Personal or occupational pension.
  • Stocks and shares.
  • Bank and building society savings accounts.
  • Rental income.
  • Overseas and UK investment dividends

Just complete the Gift Aid declaration when you make your donation and return it to us.