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Snow-Camp join The Royal Foundation’s Coach Core Initiative

Snow-Camp join The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry’s sport coaching programme, Coach Core.  

We’re incredibly pleased to announce that our award-winning snowsports London Apprenticeship Programme has joined forces with the world class Coach Core. Founded by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate and Prince Harry, the programme is based on the notion that the potential of sport can transform lives. A belief that we wholeheartedly agree with.

Alongside the Snow-Camp Apprenticeship activities, our apprentices will gain additional coaching hours and community work, mentoring and experience of working alongside sports coaching professionals and they will take part in Coach Core events. Last week our apprentices, Zulekha, Aaliyah, Will and Rashane joined the Coach Core team at a graduation ceremony for last year’s apprentices at the Olympic Stadium, which was attended by the Royals.

Here they are with Judy Murray!

At the start of the day, a number of professional sports players and coaches, including Judy Murray and gymnastics star Max Whitlock, took part in a Q&A session with the apprentices attending to discuss the impact sports and coaching has had on their lives. 

Their Royal Highnesses then joined the apprentices in the indoor track, where they received a coaching masterclass from the professional athletes and coaches.

Our apprentices were honoured to meet Prince William! Here’s a picture of our apprentice Will with HRH.

We also snapped Will with rugby star Will Greenwood:

When speaking about Coach Core and the importance of Apprenticeships, Prince Harry said: “It’s so appropriate that we are back here – five years after it all began, during the incredible summer of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

At the time, William, Catherine and I were looking at the issues that we wanted to tackle together with our newly formed Royal Foundation. It was clear that all three of us believed firmly that sport could be such a powerful force for good.

We felt confident that for many young people, at risk of falling through the cracks, as they left school, sport could be the answer to keeping them on track or change the course their lives were already headed.

We knew that with the enthusiasm sweeping the country during that summer, we had a window of opportunity to bring the right people and organisations to the table to make something really exciting happen. The idea for Coach Core was born.

Working with leading organisations in the sector and partners across a number of cities, we set out to put groups of young people through an intensive year-long course in high quality sport coaching, life skills and mentoring.

Our aim has been to create the next generation of exceptional sport coaches who are giving back to the kids in their own communities – who in turn will become leaders, mentors and role models themselves.

We believe that our young people here today really are the future of coaching.”

Alongside the work placements and qualifications that our London Apprenticeship Programme offers we’re so pleased that our young people will receive many more life-changing experiences through Coach Core. Our young people had a fantastic day at the Olympic Stadium and we’re looking forward to their graduation ceremony next year!