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Snow-Camp Supporter Prepares To Climb Mount Everest

On the 7th April 2018, self-confessed daredevil and Snow-Camp supporter Dave White will be flying to Kathmandu with one goal in mind – to scale the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest!

We asked Dave to tell us a bit more about himself and what it means to be supporting Snow-Camp as part of his epic challenge.

What was Dave like growing up?

A little trouble maker always getting into to trouble.

How did you discover snowsports?

I got a job in the French Alps when I was 18 and never looked back. I landed my first back flip after a couple of days on the hill.

What do snowsports mean to you these days?

Absolutely Everything Skiing is my life!

Tell us about your other challenges?

I started Skydiving because of an old friend, I needed a lowish Impact sport while I recovered from all my injuries so I could still get my adrenaline rush, but the real reason is so I can eventually base Jump with skis on or a wingsuit. I have 150+ jumps now so after Everest I will take my skills in the sky to the mountains and combine both.

Next year I’m gonna start competing with freestyle skiing again. I’m going to get a coach and really push my freestyle skiing and compete in the FWQ. The world tour and Olympics is another dream of mine

Why Everest?

It’s the highest. I like to set targets that are out of my reach from the start.

Why now?

I have been injured for the last 6 years I’m finally fit so now is the time. I ride an R1 and Harley Davidson motorbike, jump out of perfectly good airplanes, ski off of perfectly good pistes with huge cliffs and high avalanche risks… that’s why, because cause you never know when I’m gonna get injured again and now I’m stronger than ever both mentally and physically.

Why Snow-Camp?

I have so much passion for the snow, a lot of my friends are supporters of Snow-Camp, I love how you’re changing peoples lives through skiing and snowboarding and I know for fact the mountains change people for the better because I’m living proof of that… so I want to help with by being a part of the Snow-Camp story and showing everyone what we are capable of.

How’s the training going?

Training is going well. I’m doing the very best I can whilst working such long hours at the moment at sea level but I’m feeling good and confident my altitude mask is helping.

What support have you received so far?

I have received a pro deal from Patagonia thanks to the support from Kieran from Tignes spirit, consistent support from Craig Smith at Dragon Alliance who continually kits me out with the best of the best Dragon eye wear, I’m super proud to an ambassador. My good friend Harry Mitchell Thompson has been battling all over the industry to get me support and we received lots of mountaineering equipment from Ellis Bringham which was a huge help.

Outdoor food are going to provide me with award wining dried food to help me push for that summit. Not to mention fantastic training from Terry Walker who has passed so much knowledge to me via his vast experience in mountaineering.

I feel incredibly lucky to have the support.

How can the Snow-Camp community support you?

The more people that know about Snow-Camp and my Everest attempt the greater the impact, so I’m grateful to the entire Snow-Camp community for getting behind the challenge. I’ve set myself a fundraising target of £20,000 and would love for as many donations as possible to help me change the lives of as many more inner-city young people as possible. Here’s my fundraising page: https://snowcampcharity.everydayhero.com/uk/dave-white.

Good luck Dave from all the Snow-Camp team, we’re behind you all the way!

To discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact Dan Keeley (Snowsports Community Manager at Snow-Camp) via email at dan.k@snow-camp.org.uk or Dave White directly at davechefwhite@gmail.com.