Snow-Camp Scotland Apprentice Blog

Meet Kym, our 2018 Scotland apprentice. Follow Kym’s journey each month through her blog where she’ll be writing about her experiences with Snow-Camp.


Blog 1 (July 2018)

The first week of my Snow-Camp Apprenticeship was good! On Tuesday John Paul, Will, Laura and I went to a witch themed Escape room in Glasgow as a team bonding exercise. It was a good laugh, we had to search for several keys to open boxes and doors until we escaped! It really brought us together as a team!

Escape Room On Thursday we went to Snow-Camp’s Glasgow office for the very first time. We discussed all the different policies Snow-Camp has in place from equal opportunities, child protection and safeguarding to health and safety. We also signed our contracts and discussed the apprenticeship and what’s expected of us over the next year.  

On Friday we went to a beautiful hotel called Crossbasket Castle in East Kilbride to meet Sarah and Michael from SD Consultancy. They will be assessing us throughout our SVQ in Activity Leadership training. We discussed the different modules and they showed us how to use the e-portfolio to upload our evidence. Then we took some pictures outside the hotel it was a beautiful day in Scotland! 

Meeting SD Consultancy

Blog 2 (August 2018)

Sadly the Snow-Camp First Tracks Programme has come to an end, it was an amazing five weeks.  My knowledge and skills about teaching people how to ski has grown massively over the last few weeks and I feel so much more confident as a ski instructor. The instructors at Snow Factor were extremely understanding and were willing to help me if I had any questions. One day I taught a Snow Factor customer with little help from the instructors, which was an amazing experience and really boosted my confidence.

Kym presenting

I also learnt lots of different activities and games to use for when you’re teaching people new skills, which is great and will be so beneficial for when I teach again. There were times, especially at the start, when I was out of my comfort zone like when I had to stand up and talk to big groups of young people but now I am so much more confident talking to large groups of people. 

It was really rewarding when young people and youth workers came up to me and thanked me for my help and saying my Snow-Camp story was inspirational. Overall First Tracks was a huge success and I can’t wait for the Graduate Programme to start! 

Blog 3 (September 2018)

Three weeks ago I started my very first placement at Bearsden Ski and Board Centre, it felt like a new adventure! The first week of my placement was “maintenance week”. This meant that the slope was closed for a week so that we could de-weed and look after the slope, which was actually a lot of fun. It was brilliant for team building as I got to know the instructors working there. They made me feel super welcome, which helped me to overcome my nervousness!



Over the past two weeks I have been shadowing lessons and doing some handy jobs around the ski club. Doing my placement at Bearsden has been a great experience so far, every day is different and I learn new things every single day! The placement has been super beneficial as I’m feeling so much more confident teaching members of the public.

I have learned so many things that I probably would never have learnt without this placement, for example Kerr showed me how to fix the poma tow and what to do if the poma breaks down. I was also shown how to turn the poma and sprinklers on. I am really thankful to Gordon the manager for letting me do my placement here and to all the Bearsden staff who have made me feel so welcome.