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The new Snow-Camp apprentices!

In 2008 we developed an accredited programme journey that takes young people from beginner to qualified snowsports instructors over the course of one year. Armed with new qualifications we wanted to build on the young peoples’ success to further support their development.

We launched our Apprenticeship Programme in 2013, enabling up to 5 young people in London to join our team in a full-time role alongside vocational placements, a BASI Level 1 qualification and an NVQ Level 2 in Activity Leadership.

Today, we are delivering our Apprenticeship Programme in London, Scotland and the Midlands. Meet our 2018/19 apprentices below.


Kym from Glasgow 


“Snow-Camp changed me as a person. When I began I had no real ambitions, I had no job and wasn’t engaged in any form of education. I lacked in confidence and had no self-esteem. I was hanging around with people that I believed were my friends but weren’t a positive influence. My life was heading in a downhill direction and my future didn’t look bright. But now my life has turned around. Thank you Snow-Camp.”

John Paul from Glasgow

John Paul

“Since being involved with Snow-Camp I have gained a passion for snowboarding and working with others. I’ve not only gained snowboarding skills but life skills too. I’ve become much more confident and motivated. This is a dream for me and I can’t ever see myself doing anything else.”


Lakshmi from Positive Youth, Coventry


“Without Snow-Camp I would never have known that I love skiing. I have seen a new side to myself and I want to excel on this programme so I can teach and help other young people. I’m excited to expand my skills and knowledge with Snow-Camp while setting myself personal goals.”


Ebony from Urban Adventure Base, Tower Hamlets

Ebony Knight

“Coming to Snow-Camp has made me believe that I can achieve what I want, even if I thought it was impossible. I didn’t feel like these opportunities were available due to my background. I do not live with my parents and don’t receive any support from them. My sister and I have to work really hard for everything, so this opportunity is amazing experience. I feel like it is a once in a life-time chance that will help me shape my future. Thank you.”

LeTeya from Tower Hamlets


“Thank you to Snow-Camp for believing in me. In the past I’ve been in trouble in school, but I now get on better with my peers and have started to build up my confidence. I fell in love with snowboarding and I just want to do it more and more. I have my mind and future set and I want to pass this programme, no matter how hard things get I will push myself to achieve my goals. I have found something I love and look forward to – A BIG thank you!”

Ellie from Streatham Youth Community Centre, Streatham


“Police are always in my area and I have seen the crime rate go up from robbery’s, knife crimes and now acid attacks. Thank you to Snow-Camp for this opportunity. Never in my life time would my mum be able to afford a holiday skiing. It has opened my eyes to different career paths for the future.”

Ethan from Willington Youth and Community Centre, LambethEthan

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I can really see a future for me in snowsports and you made that possible. I can’t believe I have become an apprentice for Snow-Camp and will get my BASI level 1 instructor qualification. I hope to become the best I can be!”

Shannon from Siblings United, Hammersmith


“Thank you for seeing the potential in me. I am excited to see what the future has in store for me. There is a lot of gang rivalry in my area and I have to make sure I’m safe wherever I go, apart from when I am at Snow-Camp. I have also made a goal to always stay positive and to keep trying if I fail. I can’t wait to finally experience the different opportunities that snowsports has to offer. Thank you.”