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Julie’s Apprenticeship Blog

Meet Julie, our 2019/20 Scotland apprentice. Follow Julie’s journey each month through her blog below!

Julie Apprentice

Blog 1: Induction Week

The first week of my apprenticeship was interesting. We all felt a mix of different emotions – nervousness and excitement – about starting this new job, this new chapter of our lives. We all knew that getting to know each other was going to be a challenge. But now we feel like we have known each other all our lives. We had a team building trip at GoApe, which was a good way for all of us to see how we could react in different kinds of situations and it was just a lot of fun for us all. All five of us working as a team, including Laura, the Snow-Camp Scotland Programme Manager, has been such an amazing experience so far. If these past two months have been any indication on how this year is going to go, then we’re all going to love our time with Snow-Camp! I’m so pleased to be a Snow-Camp apprentice!

Blog 2: First Tracks

First Tracks Scotland

Once First Tracks began at Snow Factor, we were excited to meet all the different youth groups and to get back out on the slopes. We were a little nervous about giving our apprentice talks though! After the first few courses, we all felt our nerves transform into excitement and we were much more confident talking in front of the youth groups.

All the people who came through the programme were so nice and eager to learn and this helped to make First Tracks a success and allowed everyone to enjoy it so much. As James said:

“I was nervous about getting up and talking to everyone but once I had done it, it didn’t seem so bad and I realised it was just actually gathering the courage to stand up and talk to a group of people. Once I started all of my nerves disappeared.”

Ross said:

“I was worried about all the different groups coming along and having to get to know so many different people over such a short time, but it was great to get to talk to people and get to help them ski or snowboard for the first time.”

We all loved being out on the slopes. We had such a sense of achievement, helping someone to ski and turn on the slope is amazing. As Julie said: “Watching someone develop at any pace and witnessing every step was amazing, you get to see why people become instructors and teachers.”

Having so much time out on the slope with everyone was amazing for everyone. Getting to see the different speeds people improved at, how much everyone progressed over the two days and having a hand in helping them improve their skills was such a fulfilling experience.

We can all agree that we’re ecstatic about going to our different work placements and can’t wait for the Graduate and Excel Programmes. This year is going to be a life-changing experience for us all and we are all grateful to have this opportunity!