Aimee has been involved with Snow-Camp since 2015. Aimee came to us from Ealing Youth Services with a targeted youth group. Her youth worker said she needed a positive direction as she was starting to mix with the wrong crowds in her area.

When Aimee started with Snow-Camp she was shy and reserved and would hardly talk to anyone outside of the group she came with. Through our programmes we saw a big improvement in Aimee’s behaviour: she interacted really well with her peers and made new friends from outside of her youth group while continuing to improve her skiing. She has grown in confidence and achieved many qualifications through our programmes including a Snowsport England Level 1 Instructor qualification and an ASDAN in Health and Fitness. She was also awarded skier of the week for her improved skiing ability and personal development on our Graduate Programme.

Aimee’s youth leader said “Snow-Camp has done wonders for her and she is already thinking about how she can mix her passion for hair and beauty and skiing together for a career in the mountains.” Ealing Youth Services were pleased at how Snow-Camp became such a positive activity for her to focus on and progress in.

Aimee was accepted on to the Snow-Camp Apprenticeship Programme in 2016, after she showed commitment, passion and motivation to starting a career in the snowsports industry. As part of the Apprenticeship Programme, Aimee was provided with a work placement at SkiWorld’s head office, where she supported the HR department.

Aimee was given the opportunity to attend the CDC Performance Camp, which was generously funded by Delancey, where she was given further skiing training from Snow-Camp Patrons Chemmy Alcott and Dougie Crawford. She also volunteered at the Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Show and the 2017 Delancey British Championships in Tignes, where she worked hard as part of the on snow team, she even got to meet HRH Prince Edward who was attending the event!

Aimee’s apprenticeship came to an end in June 2017, but this is just the beginning. Aimee’s future is looking bright: she has enrolled in college and as she plans to work a ski season to further her career in the industry once she has finished college. Aimee is a true inspiration to all the young people on our programmes and we are pleased that she will continue to be involved with Snow-Camp through our Youth Forum.

Aimee said:

“The area I’m from is boring, full of drugs and crime, it can be really negative and not a nice place to live. To be offered something more positive is amazing.

One of my highlights of my Snow-Camp experience was being able to go to different countries because I had never been abroad before. I also can’t believe how much more confident I am! Snow-Camp helped me to come out of my comfort zone to experience new things and make new friends. In any team work situation I now feel like I can give my input rather than just listening. Thank you for all the skills and experiences you have given me!”