In 2015, when we first met Laquan he lacked direction and motivation. He wasn’t in education or training but was trying to support himself by taking on various part-time jobs that he didn’t enjoy. It got to the point where he would rather spend time hanging out on his estate with the wrong crowd instead of going to work. This wasn’t the path that Laquan wanted to be on.

Laquan’s local youth project felt that Snow-Camp could really help Laquan by providing him the necessary skills and qualifications needed to improve his C.V. Snowsports were new and exciting for Laquan and he was determined to make the most out of the opportunity he had with Snow-Camp. One year later Laquan completed our Programme Journey (First Tracks, Graduate and Excel) and was accepted on to our award winning Apprenticeships Programme.

On the Apprenticeship Programme, using his newly gained Snowsport England Snowboarding Instructor qualification that he gained on our Excel Programme, Laquan taught the next cohort of young people entering Snow-Camp programmes. Laquan was also provided with a work placement at Chel-Ski, a ski centre in the heart of London. The Chel-Ski team supported Laquan in his snowsports education and helped him to become a qualified ski instructor, making him dual certified in skiing and snowboarding. Thank you Chel-Ski!

Furthermore, through the Apprenticeship Programme Laquan worked hard to achieve a Level 2 NVQ in Activity Leadership and a BASI Level 1 Snowboarding Instructor qualification. He also volunteered at The Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Show and the 2017 Delancey British Championships in Tignes, where he joined the on snow team. Laquan even got to meet HRH Prince Edward who was attending the event!

Laquan finished his apprenticeship in June 2017 and his future is looking bright: he has secured a full-time job at Chel-Ski and will be continuing to volunteer on Snow-Camp’s Programmes.

Laquan said:

“If I hadn’t got involved with Snow-Camp I would be in a dead end job or in a lot of trouble for doing the wrong things with the wrong people. Not because of who I am but because of the influence on the the estates. With no real direction or ambition it’s very easy to get sucked into a lifestyle so many people around you are living.

Snow-Camp has helped me to have a positive future by helping me improve my life skills, this has helped me to secure a job at Chel-Ski. Without Snow-Camp I would not have been able to achieve this and for that I am truly thankful.There is a great passion for snowboarding inside of me seeing as it has only had positive impact on my life. I would like to be able to use my skills and knowledge to help others as I was helped. Snow-Camp have given me guidance and now I want to prove myself and be the best I can be.”

News Coverage

Laquan featured on BBC Sussex Radio