When we first met Lewis he was a quiet individual who didn’t take his education very seriously due to a chaotic home life. Through Snow-Camp Lewis has gained confidence and a passion to gain employment in the snowsport industry. To reach this goal Lewis has worked hard to gain a number of qualifications through our programmes.

Lewis joined our Programme Journey in 2015 and right from the start Lewis connected to skiing and showed a natural ability on the slopes. Initially, Lewis didn’t enjoy classroom activities but his passion for skiing motivated him to work hard in our life skills sessions. What started as an activity that he had to do in order to participate on the slopes, the classroom sessions eventually turned into something he wanted to succeed in, and he did. Lewis gained a high Snow Life Award, an ASDAN in Health and Fitness, Snowsport England Instructor qualification and certificates in First Aid and Safeguarding. Lewis’ positive change in attitude and his determination to work in the snowsports industry made him an ideal candidate for our Apprenticeship Programme, which he joined in 2016.

Since joining our Apprenticeship Programme Lewis has completed a work placement at the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead. The Snow Centre were so impressed by Lewis’ confidence and ability to engage with customers that they offered him a job at the end of his apprenticeship with Snow-Camp. Lewis also gained an NVQ in Activity Leadership and a BASI Level 1 Ski Instructor qualification through our Apprenticeship Programme, making him even more employable in the future.

“I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your amazing staff at the Snow Centre. My family and I had such an enjoyable experience. We would like to personally thank our instructor Lewis Young. Absolutely brilliant. He was very patient, great teacher and made our first time a memorable one. We will definitely be coming back in the near future.” – Snow Centre Customer

Snow-Camp always try to provide apprentices with as many new experiences as possible. In 2016 we volunteered at The Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Show and in 2017 Lewis enjoyed an unforgettable experience at the Delancey British Ski Championships, the biggest event on the British Alpine Ski Racing calendar. Where he supported British Ski and Snowboard staff by helping to record racers’ times, assist staff at the start gates and were on hand to aid the pro ski athletes whenever possible. Here he is pictured our other 2016/17 apprentices and His Royal Highness, Prince Edward!

Lewis said:

“When I was young my dad left our family and as a result I really struggled in school. When I was 9 I got expelled and was out of school for just over a year before attending a study centre. It was a tough time. My mother and father were always arguing so I was not really coping well with the situation. The study centre thought it would be best if I was to go to boarding school, where I went for a few years. In the boarding school they inspired us to have one weekly activity what we would like to do every week as a reward for good behaviour, I tried various different activities and none of them really got my attention. Then last year, when I moved back home, I was given the opportunity to attend a Snow-Camp programme, with the youth group Future Youth Inspired, and without hesitation I said yes!

Since I started my Snow-Camp journey I have always had the aim to become a Snow-Camp Apprentice as I am really motivated to get involved in the snowsports industry. I’m so happy that I got to become a Snow-Camp Apprentice because it has opened so many doors for me. Since starting my Apprenticeship my confidence socially has really improved compared to when I first started the course, I have gained skiing skills and I have also made a lot of new friends.”