ILSC Team Triathlon 2024 for Snow Camp

24th January 2024 Morzine, France

Calling all Inter-Livery Championships participants! Please join us for the 2024 ILSC Team Triathlon for Snow Camp!

The ILSC Team Triathlon for Snow Camp is an exciting new addition to the annual Inter-Livery Ski Championships in Morzine, taking place from the 25th-27th January 2023.

Snow Camp have been delighted to be the charity partner at the ILSC for the last 4 years; successfully delivering a range of  fun challenges and making many wonderful friends within the Livery world in the process, not to mention generating a wonderful amount of fundraising to support more young people across the UK. We are truly grateful for the support.

This year, building on the fantastic 2023 event where we raised over £35,000 for Snow Camp’s work, we are excited to once again deliver the ILSC Team Triathlon for Snow Camp; bringing many Livery teams together in a spirit of friendly competition whilst adding something fun and different to the ILSC schedule. In true Livery style, we know teams will be equally competitive about the fundraising side of this Challenge – enabling further life changing funds to be raised to support Snow Camp’s work with young people.



Register for the ILSC here

As always, we would love as many Livery Teams as possible to get involved, and you can enter as many teams of 4 as you like from each company.

The Triathlon itself will involve an opening team slalom ski race on the Nyon piste, followed immediately by a team biathlon shooting challenge, before finishing with a marked course for your snow-shoe hike . All delivered in partnership with our friends at the Morzine ESF to ensure safety at all times!


Register for the ILSC here

Team scores will be worked out from a combination of your times for the race, your points from the biathlon (lap times plus penalties for shots missed) plus your times from the snow shoe hike. More detail will follow once you have signed up, but suffice to say it’s going to be a lot of fun once again, and we are looking forward to seeing teams take on the challenge.

We want everyone to get involved – please don’t worry if it sounds too challenging, it can be as challenging as you want to make it. No experience in snow shoe hiking, slalom or biathlon is required!

If you would like to take part but don’t have a full team, don’t worry – just register anyway and we can combine people to make teams for the event.

From 4pm, there will be a fantastic Après party to celebrate the day’s activities. Everyone is welcome, even if you didn’t take part. There will be special deals on drinks, and tasty food as well, as in previous years.

Inter-Livery Ski

Register for the ILSC here


One fundraising page will be set up for each Livery Company entering, regardless of the number of teams entering from that company, and the total funds raised on each page will be divided by the total number of participants from that company, to give us a fundraising champion!

Trophies, medals and glory will await both the winning team and our top fundraisers, presented by Snow Camp at the ILSC Awards Evening on Friday 26th January.

Entry is free, but there is a minimum fundraising target of £100 per person to support Snow Camp’s work.

To register, just tick the box saying ‘I’d like to participate in the Team Triathlon for Snow Camp’ when you register for the ILSC, then we’ll be in touch with a welcome email and more details.

Thank you so much for your support. We look forward to delivering a fantastic event for you all and catching up with everyone at the Inter-Livery Ski Championships 2024!


How long are the courses?

The team slalom ski race element of the Triathlon is set on the very accessible Nyon piste, and will be a standard length slalom course. The show shoe hike and laser biathlon courses will be set in the same area, and will also be very suitable for the vast majority of all participants taking part, taking approx 10 minutes per course to complete. You can take these courses at your own pace. Yes there will be a winner and a league table – it is a competition after all! But this is about having fun and supporting Snow Camp’s work, so you can push yourselves as hard as you like.

How much time would someone be competing for?

All teams can expect to complete the 3 challenges in total time of 45-minutes maximum, with gaps in between each element of the triathlon. They’ll be a roster for start times for teams, from a 10am start for Team 1, 10.10am for Team 2, 10.20am for Team 3 etc meaning you won’t be hanging around at the start.

Does everyone have to do every event?

Ideally all 4 team members will complete all 3 challenges, but if this isn’t feasible for health or other reasons, then we’ll try to tailor the challenge where necessary to make sure points are fair and everyone in the team can take part where they can, and has an enjoyable experience.

Can I speak to one of the Snow Camp team about the event?

Absolutely. Please email Julia Smith (julia@snow-camp.org.uk) or Dan Keeley (dan.k@snow-camp.org.uk) who will be more than happy to help.

See you in Morzine!