Are you a young person who needs help? Text BREATHE to 85258 for free and confidential support.

stopbreathethink stop.breathe.think campaign

Snow-Camp have launched Stop.Breathe.Think, a mental health campaign offering free counselling support to young people across the UK.

Young people can access 1-1 counselling sessions via the link below. Youth workers, social workers, teachers and parents are also able to refer young people for support through the same link.

As part of the campaign Snow-Camp have launched a text support service in partnership with Shout. Here young people can text BREATHE to 85258, to speak to a trained volunteer first, before accessing the counselling support.

The Stop.Breathe.Think website also encourages young people to sign up for a series of mindfulness tutorials, which provide mindfulness techniques to help young people manage their emotions.

We’re delighted that the campaign is supported by leading youth music platform LinkUpTV and drill music artist Nito NB.


Stop.Breathe.Think website

Listen to Breathe

Nito NB wrote a track called Breathe to support the campaign. Using his experience of growing up in London and the challenges experienced by young people every day, he talks about how young peoples’ reactions to the situations they face on a daily basis can alter their futures forever. The track encourages young people to stop and breathe before reacting, helping them make a better decision in the moment.

Who is Nito NB?

Nito NB is one of the UK’s top up and coming artists. Growing up between Northolt and Lewisham, Nito has created an uncompromising soundtrack to the London he has grown up in. His music expresses the issues and challenges many young people are facing on a daily basis.

“Growing up in my environment, I’m very familiar with the feeling of anger and the behaviours associated with it that can sometimes lead to violent crime. My mum became my coping mechanism and helped me channel my anger by giving me a chance to process, express and work through my feelings. That’s a big reason why I took the opportunity to work with Snow-Camp because I know the importance of being aware of how you feel. Being an angry youth is pointless, especially when there is simple mindfulness techniques we can use to help channel that anger into something way more productive. Don’t let an emotion like anger control your actions, just breathe and keep going.” – Nito NB

Behind the scenes

Nito NB worked with Snow-Camp mental health counsellor Kevin Hempstead to develop Breathe. As the recording progressed, LinkUp TV recorded some great behind the scenes footage. Check it out here.

A campaign led by young people

We worked with our young people to develop this campaign. We ran focus groups in London to discuss young people’s mental health and issues that they face.

0% said that drill, grime and rap music significantly influence young people’s behaviour and artists have a responsibility to promote positive messages.
0% said the rise in knife crime is linked to young people’s mental health issues and their challenges with controlling their emotions.

Why mindfulness works

Katherine Weare, Emeritus Professor, University of Southampton and Co-Lead for Education Policy for the Mindfulness Initiative said:

“Research evidence is demonstrating that mindfulness is a foundational skill which can help all of us, young and old, to better manage and enjoy our complex lives and become the best version of ourselves we can be. Taking the time through mindfulness practice to become closely acquainted with the workings of our own mind, cultivating the ability to calmly watch our thoughts and emotions come and go in our minds and bodies, with kindness and curiosity, rather than getting caught up in their ‘reality’ is an essential human skill. For troubled souls and those with anger problems, finding practical ways to become less reactive, and more able to manage impulsive feelings and behaviours can be a life saver for the self and others.

Mindfulness also has been shown to build the attitudes and skills that create a sense of connection, compassion and empathy that can motivates us to find new ways of being with people that build kindness and cooperation. So finding vibrant and practical ways that can appeal directly to the young, the alienated, the troubled and the marginalised to help them to practice mindfulness in their everyday lives and get a grip on the impulses and feelings that are creating difficulties is potentially a transformative enterprise.”

The artwork

The artwork for the campaign was designed by Elena Gumeniuk, a leading graphic artist and illustrator, with our young people’s support. Young people’s emotions and memories are depicted as scribbles/fragments on the jacket and highlight some of the struggles and negative situations they face. The balaclava is a symbol of drill music, but the poster shows the young person pulling it down to release the past. The symbols on the balaclava represent intense emotions, but the young person in the poster is controlling these emotions by stopping, breathing and focusing on the present moment. 


Stop.Breathe.Think Campaign Billboard


We want the campaign to reach as many young people as possible. At the start of the campaign we ran poster and billboard promotion across inner-city London. It was also promoted by LinkUpTV and Nito NB. Now we are working closely with our network of youth organisations to share the campaign poster even more widely. Shout are also offering our services to young people contacting them.

We need your support

During the Covid-19 pandemic, our mental health work has become more important than ever before.

The impact of Covid-19 and the resulting lockdown have serious implications for the mental health of young people. From bereavement to job losses, to loneliness and relationship breakdown, the psychological strains caused by Covid-19 has intensified the need of our work. Through the campaign we hope to provide more young people with vital mental health support over the next few months. You can help us reach many more young people by donating to support our work. If you would like to donate please click the button below. Thank you.