Are you a young person who needs help? Text BREATHE to 85258 for free and confidential support.

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Stop.Breathe.Think is a free and confidential mental health service where young people can talk or text about anything.  

We know life is challenging for many young people right now. Whatever you are facing, whatever you are worried about, we are here to help.

Want to talk?

We want to make sure you get support to overcome life’s difficulties. Talking to a counsellor can help.

If you are 21 or younger, click on the button below to request support. You’ll just be asked for your name, email address and/or phone number. A member of our team will then text or email you to arrange a time to talk.


I'd like to talk

Who will I be talking to?

You will be contacted by a member of our team. Everyone who works for Stop.Breathe.Think are professionals and are very friendly. They are here because they want to help. All Stop.Breathe.Think counsellors will listen to you, know it takes courage to contact us, know about the problems young people can face and won’t judge you.

Text Us

If you aren’t ready to have a chat just yet, we also have a free text support service. Just text: BREATHE to 85258 to message a trained volunteer. This is available 24/7, so just text whenever you feel like you need help or support.

Refer a young person

Are you a youth worker, social worker, teacher or parent who would like to refer a young person for counselling? Please fill out a very short form by clicking on the button below and we will be in touch. Our Stop.Breathe.Think service is for young people aged 21 or younger.

There are no wait times and young people can start their counselling journey with us in just 24 hours. Each young person is matched with a specialised counsellor, meaning that the young person gets the right targeted support from the start.

This service is completely free and is funded by Snow-Camp Charity. If you have a question about the service please check out the Q&A section at the bottom of this page or contact anna@snow-camp.org.uk.


Refer a young person


Stop.Breathe.Think Videos

We also have a series of Stop.Breathe.Think videos that you can watch. They cover stuff everyone deals with from time to time, like anger, anxiety, loneliness and even dealing with Covid. Just add your email below and we will send you an email every other day, with a short video and some other useful information.

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Malikah has recently finished her counselling sessions with us. Watch the video to hear how our support has made a big difference.

Throughout the pandemic, I've been stuck in my hometown instead of at university, away from my partner and friends. I kept obsessing and reminiscing about things that had happened in the past. Mostly about the death of my grandfather and the way I had hurt people in the past. My main issue was that this all negatively impacted my view of myself and was causing me to lose my appetite and my usual zest for life!

This was my first experience of counselling, and it was genuinely so helpful. My counsellor helped me to gain perspective while giving me strategies and a safe place to discuss and work through some very built-up feelings. Before Stop.Breathe.Think, I felt like I couldn't breathe or smile or do anything without waves of doubt, regret and guilt over nothing and everything - now I can see a bright future and I know it's okay for me to be positive and happy. This has really changed my life!

Emily 20, Sussex

Nito NB’s track ‘Breathe’

Rap artist Nito NB recorded a track to support the Stop.Breathe.Think project. Watch it here. ‘Breathe’ has some positive messages, including how taking a breath in stressful situations to help make the right decision in the moment.


Have a question about Stop.Breathe.Think?

Please check out our Q&As below, if you still have a question and would like to talk to a member of the team email Project Manager Anna Kent who will be able to help.


Who are the professionals supporting young people?

Our counselling sessions are delivered by JHD counselling services and you can see a list of all the counsellors, their bios and qualifications here.

Can you tell me more about the counselling support that will be provided? 

We offer young people up to 12, 1 hour counselling sessions. They are allocated 6 sessions to begin with and then if the counsellor feels that they might need more, we allocate up to another 6. We also offer ‘wellbeing drop-in’ sessions, for young people who are struggling in between their counselling sessions. All sessions take place virtually (phone, text or videocall).

For many young people, 12 counselling sessions isn’t enough, so we are in the process of building partnerships with different organisations who may be able to offer the long-term support they need. If young people are referred to us, we would want to work with the referrer to find that long-term support.

Any exclusion criteria?

We can only support young people who are aged 21 or younger.

How is Stop.Breathe.Think funded?

The service is 100% funded by national youth charity Snow-Camp.