Learn to ski or snowboard with Snow-Camp

Want to learn how to ski or snowboard?

We’re now looking for young people to join our 2-day beginner programme taking place at the indoor snow domes across the UK this summer.

The best bit, you’ll be learning on REAL SNOW! Yes, real snow in the UK during the summer, check out these pictures if you don’t believe us!  

We want complete beginners only, so do not worry if skiing and snowboarding are completely new sports for you – everyone who joins will be at the same level as you! 

Why you should get involved

The benefits of learning a new to ski or snowboard with us are endless: it’s fun, you’ll make new friends, you’ll improve your physical fitness AND it could have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing. 

Mental Health Image - Sport England

(Image source: Sport England) 

If you’re having a tough time at home, Snow-Camp will provide a safe space for you to do something new and exciting in a friendly, positive environment – giving you some time away from any issues you’re facing at home. Snow-Camp staff, youth volunteers and apprentices are always here for you, so once you join the Snow-Camp community you’ll always have someone to talk to.  

How to get involved

We work with local youth clubs, so talk to your youth worker or social worker and tell them about Snow-Camp! Or if you tell us what youth club you are a member of, we can get in touch with your youth worker for you. Unfortunately, you can’t join Snow-Camp without a youth club. 

We currently work in the following areas, so please contact the Programme Manager who works in your area. You never know, we may already be working with your youth club! 


All London and Greater London boroughs 

Contact TJ Dairotj@snow-camp.org.uk / 07739 346111


We work with youth groups across the middle belt of Scotland, from Glasgow to Edinburgh.  

Contact Laura McInTyrelaura@snow-camp.org.uk / 07714 754476

North West 

Manchester and Liverpool and all the surrounding areas of both cities.  

Contact Morv Bett: morv@snow-camp.org.uk / 07857 694953 


Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester and Wolverhampton 

Contact Chris Walsh: chris@snow-camp.org.uk / 07719329732