Fantastic volunteering experience for our London young people at the Delancey Alpine Ski Championships 2018

With the Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics coming to a close last month, we were very much looking forward to the 2018 Delancey British Ski Championships in Tignes.

As Delancey’s charity partner, the Championships is a key event in our calendar, with our young people gaining valuable work experience at the event.

The Delancey British Ski Championships kicked off on Sunday 25 March with the Senior and Junior races followed by the Children’s Championships starting on Monday April 2. This year Snow Camp apprentices volunteered throughout the first week and our Youth Forum members attended the second week. The young people joined British Ski and Snowboard’s on-snow team, playing a vital role in the delivery of the event.

We would just like to saying a big thank you to Sir John Ritblat, Jamie Ritblat and the Delancey team. 

Delancey British Ski Championships

This year our apprentices kept a journal, writing and speaking about their experiences. Hear from Rashane, Will, Zulekha and Aaliyah below.

Week 1

27th March 2018 

Rashane: “Today was really exciting because we had some free time to ski and snowboard before the main racing days. I’m looking forward to supporting the Delancey and British Ski and Snowboard team with anything they need. Roll on the next few days.”



28th March 2018

Aaliyah: “This evening we went to a party with team Delancey and British Ski and Snowboard. It was a wonderful experience. We got to meet many important people who were all so lovely and easy to talk to. To meet the people who support Snow-Camp and the snowsports industry was great.”

Will: “Today was a great day for me because I was able to snowboard on a run that I struggled with yesterday. I teared it up! It really boosted my confidence. We also had the privilege to snowboard with Dan, which was great as he normally works so hard to make everything possible for us, it was great to spend time with him on the slope.  

I also went to an evening event where I got to chat to people I wouldn’t normally talk to. The best thing about it was that I didn’t break sweat, I stayed composed and enjoyed talking about snowsports with passionate skiers and snowboarders. It was great fun and a major confidence boost for me.  

I will never forget this trip. I have to thank the wonderful Snow Camp team for supporting me, they have played a massive role in my development.” 



Rashane: “I loved skiing with Snow-Camp’s Founder, Dan, today! He works so hard to make things happen for us and it was great to spend time with him on the slopes.”



29th March 2018

Zulekha: “Today we helped out at the races, collecting bibs, writing down times and helping the skiers get ready. I was quite nervous collecting the racers’ times, I didn’t want to get it wrong but it was very exciting. Then we went to the rental shop, Tignes Spirit where they showed us the ski tech department. We learnt how to mend skis and snowboards!”  



Aaliyah: “Today we had a great time learning how fix our skis and snowboards at Tignes Spirit. We also met the Olympian James Woods! He was so inspiring. I really enjoyed hearing about his experiences at the Winter Olympics.”

Delancey British Ski Championships

Week 2

Youth Forum members Shayleigh, Asher, Amiee and Hamza joined the Delancey British Ski Championships team, for an exciting week of recording race times, helping skiers prepare for their racers and helping with the medal ceremonies!

Delancey British Ski Championships Delancey British Ski Championships

Our Youth Forum members also met Dave White, a Snow Camp supporter who is climbing the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, to raise money for Snow Camp. Good luck Dave!

Youth Forum Members at the Delancey British Ski Champs

Amiee said: “Thank you so much for another opportunity to work at the Delancey British Ski Championships! The children’s races were amazing, it was heart warming to see the support they give each other at such young ages. I was also truly inspired seeing their perseverance in very challenging weather conditions too.”

Hamza said: “I loved working at the Delancey British Ski Championships. One of my first jobs was helping Sophie with the time board, for the kids slalom. As I knew from last year this was a very important job as the racers want to see their times and if there are improvements on the second run. I got to see all the kids fly down the race course and let me tell you some of them were amazing despite being under the age of 10. On the second day my job was to work at the slalom run again as a start Marshall. My role was to get all the racers in number order and make sure they had the correct bibs on. The following day was so much fun as me and Amiee got to work at the top of the children’s combine course, which was located near the top of the mountain. Once the combine races were over me and Amiee were allowed to ski down the race track, this was music to my ears. I improved on my skiing ability, which was a big boost of confidence.”

Asher said: “Thank you for allowing me to come out to the Delancey British Ski Championships. I really benefited from it a lot, I managed to gain some skills in the racing department as in I now know how to be a start marshall and what a four runner is. My experience with the British Ski and Snowboard team was amazing, they made me feel very welcome and even if I did make mistakes they were always their to help and make me feel comfortable. So thank you guys very much for also helping me realise that skiing is what I love and want to carry on doing for as long as I can.

Shayleigh said: “I worked along side BSS and Delancy 2 years ago while on my apprenticeship with Snow Camp! To get to work along side such amazing athletes and such a determined and motivated crew was just great. I learned so much 2 years ago so being able to go back to Tignes with the same people that I worked with 2 years ago was crazy! Especially because this time I knew what I was doing from the get go! It was great to witness and work with the junior racers as on my last visit I worked alongside the seniors, so being able to adapt to the different ways the BSS team work was great. Being trusted to do certain job roles alone was also a very positive part of my week. Being back home in the mountains like I never left was such a overwhelming feeling! I love Tignes and I love working with Delancy and the BSS!”

Thank you to everyone at Delancey and British Ski and Snowboard for believing in our work and supporting us.