Alyssa’s Blog | The importance of celebrating Pride amongst young people

Hi, I’m Alyssa I’m 17 and from a small town called Tyldesley in the North West, and I want to talk about the importance of celebrating Pride.

I started Snow Camp last year after Wigan Youth Zone took us to the first tracks course and I absolutely loved it. I’m currently in college on a Level 3 sport course, and love playing football and obviously skiing. My favourite thing about being a part of Snow Camp is the friends I’ve made along my journey and how they can genuinely turn someone’s life around.

Alyssa and Friends celebrating Pride in Wigan

I am bisexual, meaning I am attracted to both genders. I discovered this about myself around 2 years ago.

This year, I will be celebrating Pride not just because I’m part of the LGBTQ+ community, but purely because I think it’s such a good time for people who might think they don’t fit in because of their sexuality to come together and be themselves surrounded by people who understand them.

Alyssa Celebrating Pride with Wigan Youth Zone

I honestly believe that Pride and celebrating Pride is such an important time for everyone, even people who aren’t a part of the LGBTQ+ community, as it can educate them on a lot of things. Pride means a lot to me as have seen people frightened to be themselves, and scared of opening up to who they really are; especially to their parents because they think they won’t be accepted by them. This shouldn’t be the case. It should be normal for people to speak to someone about who they are.

One day, I hope that being a part of the LGBTQ+ community isn’t a big deal, and is a lot smoother for people to come out.

Being part of Snow Camp, I knew I was accepted anyway. It didn’t matter about my sexuality, everyone is so supportive and I know that if I need any sort of help, or had any questions, there are people there who I can talk to no matter what it is.

Alyssa with other Snow Camp North West young people