Meet Our New Apprentices for 2022-2023

We are delighted to welcome back our apprenticeship scheme for 2022-2023! As we greet our new apprentices for the next year, we reflect on the past two years and the excitement of reviving the scheme.

Snow Camp are delighted to welcome a team of 12 apprentices to join our courses and assist our Course Managers with the running of Snow Camp across the UK. But it’s not been easy for the past 2 years, the outbreak of Covid-19 in early 2020 meant that we had to pause our award-winning apprenticeship programme, which resulted in there being no apprentices up until now, July 2022. Which is what makes this an extra-special occasion worth celebrating.


About our Apprenticeships

Each year several young people, who have completed our Excel course, are provided with paid, full time employment for 1 year at Snow Camp. 

Snow Camp apprentices, aged 16-21, gain valuable experience from working on all our courses, alongside work placements across the snowsports industry and qualifications. Apprentices are also provided with opportunities to work at national and international snowsports events and have access to mental wellbeing workshops and 1-1 counselling sessions.

This year we have 12 apprentices, 3 in each region:
– 6 Skiers
– 6 Snowboarders
– 9 Boys
– 3 Girls


LondonCasmira Johnson, Daniella Hyman and Lamar Jn-Marie London Apprentices

Casmira Johnson (Left)

Daniella Hyman (Middle)

Lamar Jn-Marie (Right)


Calum Shovlin, Omar Ibrahim and Max Conway Scotland ApprenticesCalum Shovlin (Left)

Omar Ibrahim (Middle)

Max Conway (Right)

MidlandsAlex Hodgkiss, Bilal Ali and Selasi Delleih Midlands Apprentices

Alex Hodgkiss (Left)

Bilal Ali (Middle)

Selasi Delleih (Right)


North WestJosh Turley, Toni Keirle and Charlie Adams North West Apprentices 2022

Josh Turley (Left)

Toni Keirle (Middle)

Charlie Adams (Right)


Our apprentices have spent a week training at the beginning of July 2022, where they learnt health and safety, professional boundaries, First Aid and other important skills to become successful in their careers.

Many thanks to Channel Training, SD Consultancy and BASI for their support.