Elaina’s Blog | Working a season as a chalet host with Le Ski

In December 2022 Elaina was one of a few young people who interviewed for a role of chalet host with Snow Camp partners Le Ski and got the job! She is currently working as a chalet host in La Tania, France for the season, and is having a brilliant time on and off the slopes.


Well to start, Snow Camp has completely changed my life in the best possible way that I can just never expect.  

When I got sent the opportunity to apply for a season as a chalet host in France, I didn’t even hesitate. I remember I didn’t speak to anyone about the fact I could just disappear to the mountains for 5 months, I just applied and gave it everything I had in the interview process.  

The idea of becoming a seasonnaire was planted into me at one of the Snow Camp life sessions back when I was 15. I’m 21 now, and living my best life thanks to Snow Camp and Le Ski. I met Alex and Steph (from Le Ski) during the interview process and even though it was just a Zoom call, there was something so comforting about them, and it felt like we had known each other for ages. This made me so excited to come out and meet them, the team, see the chalets and everything… As if the chance to go snowboarding wasn’t enough! Le Ski were very transparent with everything and are amazing with what they offer staff – Rentals, flights, ski pass, visas, help with insurance, anything you can think of. Le Ski were there to support me. 

I am now 6 weeks into the season, I can tell you exactly what it’s been like.  

Our first week of training was very intense and there was a lot of information to take in. However, this process was necessary, and I couldn’t imagine being okay now without having gone through it. Following that week my chalet had no guests, so we had a week of prepping and enjoying beautiful blue skies from the slopes and getting to know the rest of the team.  

I am now getting into the rhythm of how the season runs; from changeover to regular days off, to full weeks and chalets of guests, I’m honestly having such a good time! The actual work of it can be difficult at times, but when times get tough, I just look outside and see the huge mountains and snow surrounding me and I feel grounded, and I remember exactly why I came out.  

Getting to know the guests has also been an adventure in itself, it’s so lovely to meet people who have the same love for snow sports as much as me, or people just out with their families – I have even been so lucky to meet guests who have offered me further opportunities beyond the season. It just feels so personal to be looking after these people and getting to know them for the week. I think it’s a really heartfelt process and by the end of the week I really don’t want to see them go.   

Being away from home for the first time for so long has felt overwhelming, but the support I have from my colleagues and managers has made it so much easier, I truly have made friends for life. I try to call home as much as I can but honestly out here the days fly by and after working so hard and shredding the snow like a pro, I just want to sleep!  

This season has presented me with so many first times. From going out to seek my independence, my first season, and my first experience of après ski! And generally being my first job that I have properly committed to full time. I really do feel my character is going to change for the best. Even though it feels like this little village of La Tania is so far removed from reality, this is now my world for the next 5 months.  

And you are damn right in believing that what I learn and develop out here I will bring back home with me!  


Elaina will continue working in La Tania until the end of the season. Many thanks to our partners Le Ski for making her first season as a chalet host come to life.