Meet James Ward | Case Study

James joined Snow Camp in 2018. He started his journey with us as a young person before becoming a Snow Camp apprentice in 2019. Since then, he has been an active member of our Youth Forum, volunteering his time on and off the slopes. James’ commitment to the charity highlights not only the opportunities that are available with us but also the wonderful community of young people we have supporting us.

Volunteering for Snow Camp is so special, teaching people who were like me just a few years ago is an amazing feeling. I love sharing the skills I have learnt over the years at Snow Camp with the new young people joining the charity and to be a role model to them. Not that long ago I was just like them and now that puts me in the best position to provide them with guidance and support as they make their way through the Snow Camp courses”

“On my Snow Camp apprenticeship last year, I completed a work placement at Chill Factore. 8 months of learning valuable skills within the snowsports industry! When my apprenticeship was ending, I applied for a Snow Experience role at Chill Factore and I was successful! After 5 months in this role, I was offered a Shift Manager role, a huge jump in responsibility! This position helped me to develop managerial experience and to use the skills I learnt at Snow Camp in a new way.

This summer I am going to be working in America as a Camp Leader at Camp America. All the skills I have learnt from Snow Camp and Chill Factore have really given me the confidence to go for it. I have always dreamt of doing something like this, without Snow Camp and the Chill Factore’s support I do not think I could have found the confidence to do something like this. I am so excited for this summer but also looking forward returning this winter, working back at Chill Factore and volunteering at Snow Camp.”

James Ward

Tom Roffey, Head of Operations at Chill Factore said:

“We were so delighted to have James with us on the team as an apprentice – so much so that after a few weeks we decided to extend James’ placement! As we moved towards the winter season Chill Factore started to recruit – so no surprise that James was there at the interviews giving it everything! And of course, he was appointed a permanent contracted position with the business and deservedly so.

2 years later, after plenty of covid related challenges, James is still with the business and is absolutely smashing it every day. He is recently appointed to the Shift Manager team – leading shifts in our rentals area and out on main slope – looking after all guests, equipment, teams, safety, and anything and everything in between. He has forged a reputation as an expert solutions provider – anyone and everyone will go to him to get things done, always efficiently, competently, accurately and with great humour and consideration. He is such an enormous asset to his team and our entire operation.”