Our Apprenticeships are award winning. In 2019, we were awarded a Princess Royal Training Award by HRH Princess Anne and in 2020 and 2023 we won the South East Regional Apprenticeship Awards.

About our Apprenticeships

Every year several young people, who have completed our Excel course, are provided with paid employment for 1 year at Snow Camp.

Snow Camp apprentices, aged 16-21, gain valuable experience from working on all our courses, alongside work placements across the snowsports industry and qualifications. Apprentices are also provided with opportunities to work at national and international snowsports events. They take part in work experience opportunities with Inghams in Tignes and get to experience ski racing with Halsbury Travel in Sestriere. All apprentices have access to mental wellbeing workshops as well as 1-1 wellbeing sessions.

Youth-to-youth training and development is essential to our organisation. We know that the young people on our courses are more likely to engage with our activities if our apprentices and youth volunteers are a key component of the training plan. Not only is this empowering for our youth volunteers and apprentices, but it’s also inspirational for the new young people. Many young people will know these young instructors from their neighbourhoods and youth organisations showing them what they themselves could achieve.

Our Apprenticeships are designed for individuals who want to gain a broad experience and a solid foundation to support a career in the snowsports industry. They gain key qualifications and practical work experience in snowsports instructing, together with mentoring, coaching and leadership skills.

In partnership with our training providers Channel Training, SD Consultancy and BASI our apprentices work towards either an NVQ Standard in Community Activator Coach or an SVQ in Sports Coaching and a BASI Level 1 Instructor Qualification. All 3 qualifications provide further skills needed to gain employment in the snowsports industry.

Young people can only attend this programme if they have completed our Excel Course and they apply directly to their Programme Manager in May/June each year.


Ellis Brigham believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience being in the outdoors. Snow Camp have made this a reality for so many young people and their work is invaluable in using snowports as a force for change in young peoples life. Our work with Snow Camp apprentices over the years has enabled us to see first hand how much of a difference Snow Camp is making to their lives and those around them.

Mark Brigham CEO, Ellis Brigham

Having a Snow Camp apprentice has brought a new dynamic to the team. They have a different point of view and fresh perspective which adds value to tasks. Our apprentice is a quick learner and I’ve really seen her grow in knowledge and professionalism over the 12 months.

Jenny Greenwood HR Manager, Skiworld

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