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Mental Wellbeing Support

Snow-Camp are committed to supporting the mental wellbeing of our young people. In 2018 we launched Uplift, our mental health programme to run alongside our core snowsports programmes.

During Graduate, Excel, Apprenticeships and Youth Forum, young people take part in group workshops focusing on exploring emotions, the role of good communication and healthy relationships, coping mechanisms, self-esteem and the impact of social media. They also have access to specialised 1-1 counselling sessions.

Uplift is delivered by BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) registered Kevin Hempstead and JHD Counselling.

Young people are integral to the development of Uplift, as the programme needs to meet young people on their terms, to build the activities and support they need. They even named the programme!

I’ve found being part of Uplift has been so helpful in my everyday life, as it has given me the confidence to overcome barriers. Personally, since starting Uplift I feel like I’m not on my own anymore. There are many other young people in a situation like mine that go through it alone. Thanks to Uplift I feel like I’m back in control of my health and because of this I’m now back in control of my life, which is a great feeling.” – Shannon Pink-Murphy, Snow-Camp Youth Forum member.

Why mental health

The decision to launch the programme comes as a result of our monitoring and evaluation data, which revealed 83% of young people we worked with in 2017/18 felt they needed more mental health support. We found that mental health is something that our young people are increasingly struggling with but they don’t often have the means or resources to cope with anxiety, anger, frustration or depression.

Through Uplift we hope to address this and to provide our young people with the mental wellbeing support they need.

Uplift is about bringing out the best version of yourself, so that we can live a happy life. A life that’s free of the mental barriers blocking us from our own success. Programmes like this should be accessible to all young people all over the world, as this kind of support can change so many people’s lives. It could even save lives.” – William Cunningham, Snow-Camp Youth Forum member.

In 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic we launched Stop.Breathe.Think, a mental health campaign offering young people across the country free access to 1-1 counselling, mindfulness tutorials and 24/7 text support services. Young people do not need to be part of our snowsports programmes to access this support. Click on the button below to find out more.