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Snow-Camp partner with wearable technology innovators DTC

Donate The Change (DTC) are a unique digital fundraising solution that enables individuals to automatically trigger a small donation to their charity of choice whenever they make a contactless payment. We’re proud to announce that DTC have made Snow-Camp one of they charity partners!

How does it work?

Combining the surge in wearable technology with the craze of recent years for wearing a charity wristband to proudly show affinity to a cause, a new range of wearable devices will enable users to automatically donate the small change from any contactless payment they make to charities of their choice.

Powered by contactless chips, the wearables can be used to make ‘touch and go’ payments for £30 and under without fumbling for cash or entering a PIN. When a purchase is made, it triggers an automatic donation to the wearer’s chosen charity.

A range of new DTC devices – including bracelets and keyrings – will complement the existing bPay key fobs and loops that attach to watches and fitness bands. Each contains a chip that links to a secure digital wallet and can be used by anyone holding a UK-registered Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card.

Users can keep on top of their spending with real-time balance updates and instant access to their transaction history online in the Donate The Change app.

What you need to know

  • You set the rules – how much change do you want to donate? Round up to the nearest pound or add a little extra to each payment. You can also set a cap so you don’t donate more than you want to in any given month. You’re in control.
  • All of the accessories have a mini contactless pre pay card inside. Load it up and tap the accessory on the contactless card reader to pay, just like you do with your bank card.
  • Then the magic happens – as you pay for you lunch or coffee using the accessory the rule is triggered and a donation is automatically made to your charity from your bank account using Direct Debit.
  • For example, if you’ve set your rules to round up to the nearest pound. Your lunch cost £4.80, so 20p is donated!
  • It’s safesecure and simple. And DTC even say a big thank you for using the service with a rewards programme.

Would you like get involved?

We’re looking for Snow-Camp supporters to try out the DTC wearbles! This is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of a new movement, where charitable giving is at the heart of everyday spending. We have 250 free wearables to share, to try one out all you have to do is register your interest by clicking HERE.